Welcome! Cuttlefish and Corals is Portland's leading saltwater aquarium shop!  We started in 2012 in a tiny building in downtown Portland, and have since moved to our current building at 6363 SW Capitol Hwy in Hillsdale.  At almost 1400 square feet we are able to provide healthy, sustainably-sourced, and aquacultured reef fish and coral.


Cuttlefish and Corals also has a full-service installation and maintenance team. We are capable of servicing  aquariums ranging from 2 gallons to many thousands of gallons.

We stock a wide range of dry goods as well as fish, corals and other invertebrates ranging from beginner to high-end and collector! Whether you are brand new to the hobby and just starting out, or simply looking for that show-stopping fish or coral, come check us out!  


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See something you like? Message us!  We ship anywhere in the continental United States!



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